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file formatting

risk free proofing services ensure you receive great designs & prints for your project.

the right file for the right task

When you have a great digital design idea, it will need to be formatted into various file types for file sharing, print production, graphic design and web purposes. Raster Files, Vector Files, Media Files, Top Secret UFO Files... it can be overwhelming. We can assist you in converting your design concepts into the file format relevant to the designs intended function. Design quality, presentation, and print production results rely heavily on file formatting so choosing the correct file type is a critical step towards getting the job done right, every time.

We work with a great deal of 2D & 3D design equipment that allows us to create and edit design files and images.

Each file type contains uniquely embedded metadata which communicates relevant information to various platforms in the best way possible. Each file type has it's pros and cons to consider. If you want your design file to look great anywhere you upload it or print it, file formatting is your first step. 

how many file types could there really be?

When your design is intended for marketing, branding, and printing services there are a wide range of files needed to ensure consistent results across the board. Each file format is designed in a specific way, and saved in a specific way that allows it to perform a specific task. While there is a long list of file types related to specific design software, here is a list of the most common file types used and shared by professionals within the design and print industry.

  • PDF

  • JPG

  • EPS

  • PNG

  • STL

  • OBJ

  • AI

  • FX

  • MOV

  • MP4

  • SVG

  • ZIP

  • GIF

  • PSD

  • TIF

  • DOC

  • MP3

  • RAR

  • PPT

  • EXE

  • DOC

  • MP3

  • RAR

  • PPT

  • DST

Convert any design file you have into the design file you need. Send us your file via email or by using the Upload + File Prep page to get started. Give us a call for more info.

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