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risk free exploratory design services ensure you get a great logo for your project.

Send us your artwork or request a consultation & vision board service. Our online proofing system allows you to preview a design proposal and request revisions to ensure that the details are perfect before it's formatted for production or file sharing.


what is a logo?

how to discuss your idea with an artist

A logo is a symbol that represents a brand. When you think of a logo, think of a symbol or an icon. The defining factor between a graphic design and a logo design is; logos are designed to be as simple as possible with minimal design elements, while graphics are designed with multiple design elements and detailed layers. The main reason logos are created with simplicity in mind is because simple designs are versatile, memorable, and scalable. When a logo design is simple it is easy to recognize, it also allows a brand to print and upload to a broad range of mediums, especially small scale items like; pens, business cards, social media profiles, shirt tags, and so on. However, when a logo design is complex or poorly designed, it can become difficult to identify when resized. Having a simple logo is also wildly beneficial when it comes to effective printing costs and results.

what a great logo should do

  • Be simple

  • Be easily recognizable

  • Be easy to read

  • Be scalable

  • Relate to your audience

  • Look good in black

  • Identify your brand

  • Be relevant

  • Be unique

  • Have minimal elements

  • Look great on small prints

  • Be memorable

  • Be timeless

  • Be versatile

  • Create an emotion

different kinds of logos

Logos are primarily divided into two main categories; image based or text based. From here, they branch off into a broad range of logo subcategories, which can be very useful knowledge when shopping for the perfect logo to represent your brand identity.

When it comes to logos, each style has it's own pros and cons list a brand should consider before committing. Some logos are just words, some logos are just images, some logos are both. Certain logos work well for certain brands, in regards to their services, reputation, products, values and target audience.

How a logo is created

Logos are created by first understanding the characteristics that define the soul of a brand. Once the brand's identity is established, the information collected is interpreted by an artist and transformed into a symbol that represents a brand, in a way that is relevant and appealing to the brand's target audience. Our team offers complimentary briefings to all of our clients, and advanced research and innovation phases for growing brands.


Our clients are presented with exploratory vision boards, uniquely catered to their brand. Upon viewing the vision board, our clients are encouraged to request edits and critique the presentation until the final logo is presented. Once the proof is confirmed, the package is zipped up and emailed through the skies and the stars, to a satellite, and all the way back down to the clients inbox. Just like magic.

welcome to the most well loved and world famous design studio in the united states.

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